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Category: Shopping (913 Pages) - 20 Apr, 2011 - First picked by jessestric - R4 ds card is an amazing Slot-1 Little Device for Nintendo DS, DSi, DSi XL, etc. It helps to allow you to make backup of those your favorite games which you already own.
  • r4 card - 10 Oct, 2011 - First picked by MoxVelly
R4 is the storage device of Nintendo DS that are offers you to playing games, running application, enjoying music and movies in very affordable rates.
  • cheap r4 - 20 Dec, 2011 - First picked by gravessimon
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  • Promosyon - 14 Sep, 2011 - First picked by sanathjenika
Carte R4 DS is the subsequently invention flash card which discover application through Nintendo DS and lite console.
  • carte r4 ds lite - 29 Nov, 2012 - First picked by AlfordOlesc
We all need to be prepared for subsequent events. The freezing temperatures when you have no heat, trees that were weakened and fall days later, violence due to scarce gasoline and food resources, and even a second storm on top of the first.
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